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10,000 NOs

How to Overcome Rejection on the Way to Your YES
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As an actor, even if you're considered a relative "success", you're really unemployed for so much of your career. In 2017, after one of my longest stints of working non-stop, my storyline on Scandal dried up with no warning.  Suddenly I was unemployed again, in the midst of a pilot season where I felt like I couldn't get arrested, let alone book a show despite feeling great in the (audition) rooms.  No one wanted me.  It was just a procession of “No”s. And I've always had a pretty positive attitude but it was like the industry had begun to beat me down.  I felt like a shell of myself, until finally, I thought, 'F**k it.  I’m done waiting for someone to hire me.' I figured I'd make my own little fiefdom.  And even if it was tiny, I was going to be at the center of it.  So no one could tell me I couldn't create. And that's how 10,000 NOs was born: the first episode I released was just me, a microphone, my laptop, and 17 minutes of riffing straight from the heart.

I had no idea what I was doing and or exactly where I was going. That was kind of the point.  I was just following my creative impulse and, what started as a side-hustle for me, to stretch and express myself, ended up turning into one of the greatest adventures of my career. I have had incredible opportunities to sit down with some really unique, impressive people from all walks of life. When I began, I had a premise: that the people you think "have it made" put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you and me.  Turns out I was right.  And then some.  It's been a great education.  It's for anyone that’s heard the word “No”.  Basically, I just keep relearning the lesson my Dad always taught me… that failure is just opportunity in disguise.


“Matt Del Negro brings in a wide variety of guests from different industries including entertainment. While some of my favorites are from actors or producers, you’ll gain something regardless of what industry you’re in. Every episode is different so if you don’t love one episode, try another as someone else’s story about rejection, perseverance, or overcoming adversity is a much-needed theme for most. If you need more inspiration for overcoming your “10,000 No’s”, this is the right podcast for you!”

Mike Tomase