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The new normal in the acting game is self tapes. Even though we've been "in it" for 

10,000 NO
s Insiders community allows you to be a part of an exclusive clan of strivers like you that are looking to better t


Feb 22nd 10 AM PST - 12 PM PST / 1 PM EST - 4 PM EST


$99 USD

Us kind of talking about the whole process (you, from the vantage point of casting: what is deficient in people’s tapes that you’ve seen - things that knock them out of the box immediately… what works/doesn’t work… what producers say after they’ve seen choices you like, etc… ways in which tapes can either REALLY help or REALLY kill someone’s chances)


(me from the actor’s perspective: the necessary pain in the ass of thinking through/working out the logistics of your taping system and why you can’t just focus on the acting until you’ve figured out some kind of setup)


both of us on: the new normal, whether we like it or not


me: the advantages of not going into the room (if you have a crazy work ethic and are willing to do whatever it takes to make a great tape)

you: what’s in store for the future as you see it (will we ever go back to “normal”)


Honestly, we’ll have too much to talk about. We do about 1.5 hours and then we open up to a Q & A for about a half hour.


I recently upgraded to the Pro Zoom for this 10,000 NOs Insiders Community I launched in January so i can get 100 people on (I think). We can either cap it at 100 or see if we get crazy demand over 100 people, we figure out a way to open it up. There’s a way for us to do it where you and I are highlighted so it’s like we’re having a conversation and everyone else is watching.


I’m looking into getting this thing one of my interviewees just told me about: it allows my good camera to be hooked up through my computer so I can Zoom on the good camera. Will be a great visual exercise if I can start the Zoom with my lights set up on me, the good camera, my lav mic… and then about 30 mins in, I switch to the shitty Zoom camera, turn off the lights and start using the computer audio. That will really bring home the point to these people that they are totally screwing themselves if they don’t take this stuff into consideration.


Honestly, we might be able to charge like $99 - this is valuable shit and you and I have been doing this a long time.


I’m cc’ing Ayla here. She’s awesome - young actor up in Vancouver who has absolutely overhauled the brand of my podcast, etc with her tech savvy and her boots on the ground position as an actor with her finger on the pulse of what young actors will pay for and attend in terms of these types of things. She can help us set it up and can moderate and field questions in a separate chat box while you and I talk freely so that we can just be us and she can have questions lined up for the end.

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