EP 51: How to Transition from Child Prodigy to Mommy/Entrepreneur, Maria Sansone

At age 11 Maria Sansone quickly earned the title, "The Youngest Reporter in the History of Network Television" and soon found herself interviewing sports legends like Michael Jordan when most kids her age had yet to hit puberty.  Her meteoric rise put some strain on her adolescent years, causing her to leave the business through High School.  But junior year of college, she won a Nation-wide search to guest host with Regis Philbin on Live with Regis and Kellyand her career was reignited, eventually leading to a long standing gig co-hosting the popular morning news show, Good Day LA.  But nothing is without hiccups, so Maria's eventual shift into motherhood led to her search to build a business that supports her top priorities. She leaves tons of clues for the rest of us on how she's begun to build a successful brand on social media.


Being discovered at 11 years old, (2:55). Being aware of the stakes, but too young to care, (8:16).  Playing life like it's a game, (9:31).  How a friend's birthday party, and wanting to be a kid, led to turning down Oprah at age 13, (10:53).  Being hated for being "the girl on TV", (13:07).  Getting into Syracuse University with no Plan B, (19:52). Winning the lottery with Regis & Kelly, (22:34).  Having performance nausea for the first time at age 20, (24:49).  What is it that drives people to "chase dragons", (27:51).  Shifting gears after motherhood, (33:09).  Social media musings and strategies, (35:36).

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