Ep 87: Erinn Hayes, How to Survive Being Killed Off a Sitcom Prematurely (by Scoring Lead Roles in TWO Netlfix Comedy Series)

Erinn Hayes is funny.  There's no way around it, as I discovered at the table read of the newly released Netflix Comedy Series, Huge in France.  But less than a year before that day, she was inexplicably killed off a very lucrative gig, where she played the wife of Kevin James on his CBS sitcom, Kevin Can Wait.  They say that success is the best revenge and, after the initial shock and depression over the loss of a regular paycheck, Hayes picked herself up and got back in the game.  Not only did she succeed in landing the role of Vivian in Huge in France, but shortly after we wrapped Netflix decided to give her and Rob Huebel a spinoff of their cult-favorite Adult-Swim show, Animal Hospital, with the forthcoming Medical Police.  A real-life Mom and wife when she's not juggling her career duties or renovating houses, Erinn tears the notion of the "glamorous" Hollywood life down to the studs and talks about overcoming 10,000 "No"s. 



“I’ve always been the performer kid, doing plays since I was young. I always knew that I wanted to act”, (2:55). She explains how she stumbled into an amazing theater program in college, (3:25). Once you get in certain doors there are doors that will continuously open for you, but it becomes increasingly harder to get the other doors open, (5:49). “You have to milk what you got and slowly chip away at that wall, until you get that one thing that maybe gets a little bit more views until people start to see you in most ways”, (8:50). Advises young innovators or producers that jump into the, “wait until this gets big” to take it realistically, (13:49). “What I care about is did I have fun on set, am I proud at my work, and did the check clear, 123, if those three things happened then everything else is bonus”, (14:06). You have to go in with the mindset of having huge hope in yourself but at the same time prepare for the worst, (17:29). “Wrapping my head around luck, and how much this business and any business is hard work, the talent to do the thing you’re working hard at and that element of luck, (21:58). Luck is one factor that is tricky to determine, (23:20). Speaks about being fired and learning from the experience and ego, (30:00). “I’d be a sitcom wife if it were her story, and where I have a sitcom husband”, (35:27). I guess the word “NO” just means find a different yes. Just let it go quickly and then move on, it means move on to the next opportunity, (36:18). If there’s some sort of defeat or some sort of “NO” take what you can from it, salvage it, and move on,” (37:10). 



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IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0141613/

Childrens Hospital: https://www.forbes.com/sites/spikefriedman/2016/06/17/childrens-hospitals-erinn-hayes-on-the-best-job-of-her-life-and-charting-a-career-in-comedy/#4504fe7a1319

The Vulture: https://www.vulture.com/news/erinn-hayes/

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