Ep 98:  How to Stop Analyzing & Act

Matt answers some college students questions about staring into the abyss as they begin their journey into "the real world".  While he loves and encourages the self-discovery and reflection, he offers that there is no substitute for the learning process that comes from experience.  Referencing one of the World's Best Surfers, Laird Hamilton, he examines the role of uncertainty and our response to fear, offering that fear can be a great motivator. 


"What are you bringing to the table every time out of the gate...?", (3:58). Transition issues for college students about to graduate and how they apply to all of us, (5:22). "There's also something that needs to be said for just doing.", (7:34). “Whatever direction you think it is that you think you're supposed to be going, you've got to step there and you've got to experience it.”, (9:10). "Before you make a grand decision and tell everybody, you need to go do it.", (10:29). "You can't figure it out without launching it.", (11:13). “Most of the people that I sit down with on this show... what sets them apart is that they took a big risk.”, (12:06). Laird Hamilton quote on how one can use fear, (12:59). "I've probably fallen more times than you've ridden" - Laird Hamilton, (13:58). Laird Hamilton on the preparation, assessment and calculation that is combined with faith when you take the leap, (15:15).  


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