Ep 96: How Gary Woodland Changed the Narrative to Become a Champion

A self-described non-golf-lover, Matt reflects on the lessons listeners can learn from Gary Woodland's dramatic comeback from his previous 0-7 record when leading after 54 holes to win his first Major Championship, the US Open (and admits he may be changing his tune about golf).

At Pebble Beach, the major storyline at the start of Father's Day 2019 was Brooks Koepka's attempt to be the first golfer in 114 years to win the US Open in three consecutive years.  Gary Woodland, who was atop the leader board, was largely expected to stumble, given his inability close out a win when ahead in the past. Staring down his demons, he was able to transform from Choker to Champion in dramatic 10,000 "No"s fashion, leaving clues for the rest of us about our ability to change as long as we recognize that our story isn't over.   


The theme of the show and this episode is about pushing through adversities and taking one step in front of the other, (3:12). What’s the story that you tell yourself? (7:15). The story isn’t over, what happens next with any situation is yet to be determined, speak the best into existence, (7:35). Woodland took a risk that makes him the champion that he is today, (9:29). There’s  a difference between playing not to lose and playing to win, which path will you take? (9:45). “How much are we really going after our goals versus how much are we just trying to brace ourselves so that we could hold our positions, and a lot of times when you’re doing that, you end up losing the lead because you’re thinking so much about losing the lead”, (9:55). Whether you are a golf fan or not, Gary Woodland is living proof that the story is never over, don’t give up before the end, (13:15). The scoreboard isn’t the only thing that matters, giving it all you got is the message behind it all, (14:31). Are you doing everything that you can to ‘win’, what story are you telling, and do you still believe you can change the narrative from what the rest of the world see to what you envision? (14:47).


About Gary Woodland: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/15-things-you-need-to-know-about-gary-woodland

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gary.woodland/?hl=en

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Matthew Del Negro