Ep 92: What You Do When No One is Watching is What You Get Rewarded For Later

In this solo episode, Matt riffs on the idea that what you do when no one is watching is what gets rewarded later in public.  Revealing a guest request made by the staff of an Acting Coach to Oscar Winners and Nominees who turns out to be a passionate listener to 10,000 "No"s, Matt talks about the importance of maintaining standards and how you never know who's out there listening, watching you, or being impacted by you, both positively and negatively. 



“Envisioning and speaking positively into the world and to yourself, (3:22). “It’s a conscious choice to say the things to yourself that will encourage you and that will get you fired up to go after the things that YOU want to go after, (3:41). “You Don’t Know Who’s Listening”, (4:50). It’s important to always true to yourself even when no one is watching or listening, (5:40). When you’re in a rud, say ‘this is significant’, (7:53). Holding yourself to certain standards and knowing that it is not always about you, (9:04). What you do when no one is watching is what you end up getting rewarded for later, (10:00). “The enemy always attacks you at the passes, so he can keep you from going forward in your life”, (10:31). “Sometimes survival is success, just staying in the game, staying in faith”, (11:59). “It’s that Rocky Balboa mentality, just staying in the game. You’re not yet fighting the prize fight but you only will have a shot at the prize fight if you stay in the game, it means just not going through the motions because at some point the passion will go away, but pro’s stay up no matter what, (12:17). If you’re a parent and you’re listening and you’re being pretty honest, you’ll realize that you’ll do things that you are not proud of but making that constant change is what’s really significant, (14:14). “In your life, how do all of your actions land on and impact other people whether it’s good or bad? Hopefully we’re all striving for the better and to leave this place better than we found it, (14:40).  


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Matthew Del Negro