Ep 91: How to Let Go of a "No" So It Doesn't Control You 

In this solo episode, Matt answers a passionate listener's letter that asks, among other things, “What if you can’t overcome it? And there isn’t anything better?  And you just have to gracefully let go of it?  What’s your advice for people for whom trying isn’t an option?  A “no” that isn’t a “not yet”, but a “never”.  Without sugar-coating it, Matt sites examples from past interviews with Matt Long, Suzy Batiz, Lynne Marie Morski, Heidi Dean and Amy Budden to explain that NO ONE has it easy... even the people who have "made it".  It's in the way we frame our experiences and react to them that we "win" or "lose". 


“Who is to say that a ‘No’ is forever?” (5:22). Speaking from experiences as an actor, (6:44). Letting go is a form of acceptance, (7:52). Past guest, Heidi Dean’s story of "following the green lights", (8:20). Past guest,- Matt Long’s near-death comeback experience, (9:25). Don't have a victim mentality, (10:38). How sudden lack of work, while working on Scandal, led to this podcast, (11:15). Clip from Denzel Washington speech "Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship", (13:11). When someone faces an accident and is living with a disability that prevents them from doing what they love, (14:07). Accepting a "forever 'No'," (17:00). “Getting over it is hard, and that’s one of the issues in today’s society: everybody wants everything right now.”, (19:18). Past guest Suzy Batiz’s pain with the complete loss she encountered after a suicide attempt and two bankruptcies, (21:42). “What takes the most faith is to be buried in the soil of uncertainty and keep growing”, (23:48). Redefining what "success" means, (26:34). “Everyone has pain, even the people who have overcome more obstacles than the average person.”, (30:31). 


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Matthew Del Negro