EP 9: Beyond Everest, World Class Climber & Best Selling Author Alison Levine

I got to sit down with New York Times Best Selling Author (“On the Edge - The Art of High Impact Leadership") and Captain of America’s First Female Everest Expedition, Alison Levine.  Alison is also a highly sought after corporate speaker and has even served as a consultant to the US Military.  Even the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, appointed her to be his Deputy Finance Director when he ran for Governor of California.  But, like every other guest of 10,000 “No” s, what I love about Alison is that, despite her accomplishments, her Ego is tiny compared to her desire to serve others through education and inspiration. Our conversation includes...

What it takes to LITERALLY climb any mountain. ## “Failing” so epically that you are the butt of Jay Leno’s opening monologue. ## How, even if you were born with a heart defect, you choose to climb the highest peak on every continent and ski both poles and succeed. ## Why backing down is not the same as giving up. ## Why you should treat others with respect and kindness. 

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