Ep 89: How to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones, Top Self-Defense Expert, Tony Blauer

Tony Blauer's image has been gracing the covers of Martial Arts and Self-Defense magazines for decades, he teaches tier-one operators,  and he is a big deal in that world, but the reason I wanted to sit down with him for 10,000 "No"s is that his system, and the way he articulates it, is so personal, practical and applicable to each and every one of us.  Contrary to the stereotype that a tough guy would go around bullying people, Tony believes that violence, and his own application of violence, should be avoided at all costs.  When you hear this conversation it will not only make you more aware of your surroundings, but also more aware of your relationship to fear in all areas of your life.  His rise to the top of his field was not without tremendous resilience to overcome the naysayers who mocked his new approach to self-defense.  I encourage you all to not only listen, but following the episode, to check out the links in the show notes to get to know Tony's work in more detail and possibly even arrange to have him come to your community at some point.  It could be the difference between life and death.   



Self-defense is a way of life, (2:52 ). Why people need to think about self-defense more carefully, (6:38). "I’m a life extension insurance salesman”, (8:38). “You want to never be near a situation where you might have to defend yourself,” (9:18).  When you start implementing introspective changes your mindset is shifts, (13:13). Understanding the timeline of violence, (18:05). Startle Flinch is our fastest human reaction, (25:45). "Fear will creep its way into all of our lives, however the ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones is arguably the single most important skill one can possess", (27:17).  If there were sudden violence happening around you, you don’t have the time to dial 911, you have to be aware before the conflict, (30:03). You have to be the first responder of your confrontation, (30:23). “Our (self-defense) system is entirely scientific, it’s a blend of physics, physiology, and psychology”, (35:11). “I can take any person, world class or beginner, and make them stronger in minutes by helping them understand (the system)”, (35:22). As soon as you break contact, you must run to safety, (42:23). “Don’t let ego and pride dictate your next strategy”, (43:00). Muscle memory isn’t a thing, it’s all neuro programming, (46:00). “My big quest is to get the world to understand that practicing for self-defense to deal with a violent encounter is emotionally and psychologically very different than practicing a martial art of a combat sport”, (46:37). How to improve your situational awareness, (53:50). “KNOW FEAR” is everything because we have to know fear and understand the psychological mechanism and how it hijacks our thoughts, (1:11:55). F**K FEAR, Face it, Understand it, Control it, Know it, (1:15:35).  



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