Ep 88: Mad Men & Parenthood's Emmy-Award-Winning Casting Director, Carrie Audino 

Carrie Audino won a Primetime Emmy in 2010 for Casting the critically-acclaimed series, Mad Men.  She was nominated another 5 times.  She also won the Artios Award, presented by the Casting Society of America and was nominated another 4 times, one of which was for her work casting the pilot of NBC's critically-acclaimed series, Parenthood.  But for all of the accolades, she is a workhorse, a grinder who feels compelled to "get it right" when it comes to choosing the right actor for the role, even if she ruffles some feathers along the way.  A no-nonsense, straight-talking tough chick from New Jersey, Carrie was an actor herself, having gone through the prestigious program at the Tisch school of NYU.  But, like so many other guests of 10,000 "No"s, Audino pivoted when she realized she felt more joy and gratification from casting than being cast.  Already juggling her demanding career with motherhood, she's now adding yet another title to her impressive resume, with the upcoming launch of her own podcast, "It's Not Personal", where she'll go in depth with well-known actors about their experiences being cast throughout their careers. 



The experience of winning an Emmy, (4:08). Having a little baby during Mad Men, (6:17). What it's like to be a casting director, (8:25). “They don’t have to be good all the time. I think actors believe they have a bad day and they’re out. It’s a mutual relationship.”, (9:38). Audino’s upcoming podcast, “It’s Not Personal”, (10:28) Possessing qualities to be a good casting director, (12:15). Carrie's past acting experience prior to being a casting director, (13:00). When she was acting at NYU: “I was always thinking like a casting person without knowing it.”, (16:25). Interning at Liz Lewis Casting Partners, (17:00). Feeling relief after realizing she did not want to pursue acting, (17:52). Beginning to cast on her own in New York, (19:50). Moving out to California for work, (20:23). Growing up as an old soul, (22:10). “I was working 6 days a week, 18 hours a day. I loved it. I loved working hard.”, (23:30). Managing work and personal life, (25:19). “Socializing and small talk is hard. I don’t love it. I’d like to have a real conversation.”, (27:41). Hardships with moving back to New York for 2 years, (29:50). Landing the Angel’s Eyes pilot with Laura Schiff in LA before deciding to fully pursue culinary school, (30:45). The most rewarding thing as a casting director, (34:02). “I’m the person who shuts tests down. I’m the person that’s like ‘I don’t care if we shut down. Let’s make it right.’”, (35:00). Frustration with not having control, (37:02). Not taking a hard “No”, (39:25). 



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Emmys - https://www.emmys.com/bios/carrie-audino 

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