Ep 84: Poo~Pourri/Supernatural CEO Suzy Batiz, How to Create a $500 Million Empire & Make the World Believe Your Poop Doesn't Stink

SuzyBatiz has been featured by leading business publications including Forbes, CNBC, Fast Company andEntrepreneur. She has also been interviewed for Leaders Create Leaders, Modern Hero, Marie Forleo, Girl Boss Radio & TheSkinny Confidential podcasts and has given presentations for HustleCon, Emerging Women, The Summit Series, Conscious Capitalism & the In Goop Health Summit.   

But it wasn't until after she suffered through two bankruptcies, sexual and domestic abuse and a suicide attempt that she became the female entrepreneurial icon she is today.   


And, while all of the above, is immensely impressive, what was far more moving was the incredibly intimate and alive connection that she brought to our conversation.  Hearing her walk me through her journey, sharing insights along the way, it was as though she didn't remember the storybook outcome until she arrived at it.  Refreshingly down to earth and engaging, Suzy Batiz is an important woman for young women in our culture to be emulating.  Choosing to be the hero of her story when many called her a victim, choosing to follow her heart and her "alive idea" when friends and family called her crazy, Suzy Batiz is now encouraging others to follow their intuition and to find happiness even when all is lost.   


We chatted about intuition in business and elsewhere, executing on an idea from scratch, with no budget, and turning it into a $500million debt-free enterprise, how to bounce back from seemingly devastating circumstances, including being born into poverty and much, much more. 



Realizing that "shit" was the through-line of her life and writing a spoken word piece about it for HustleCon, (4:15).  Childhood of poverty in Arkansas, (7:00). Suicide attempt at 21, (14:10). Being physically abused by her ex, (18:59). Creating controversy on a podcast when she claimed she started to have freedom only once she started claiming that she wasn't a victim, (21:45). Praying for an angel and meeting her husband, finally a good guy, (24:33). Always having a side-hustle, (28:10). A sure-fire idea matching a person's culture to a company's culture going from Life's biggest potential victory to the biggest bust when the stock market crashed, (28:37). "I'll never forget that sound of the tow truck..." after hitting rock bottom and having everything repossessed, (30:35). Hiding from the world and getting in touch with rage and real feelings after second bankruptcy, (32:40). Hypnotist to Suzy, "You know what your problem is?  You have no meaning in your life" leads to 'Man's Search for Meaning which leads to a course which changed her, (34:34). Finding Zen after reading 'Loving What Is' and taking a course, even in bankruptcy, (35:00). Being zinged by the idea for Poo-pourri, (38:20). Why you shouldn't ask everyone if your idea is good - if it's alive for you, don't worry if they think you're crazy, (39:30). The long haul from inspiration to profitable business, (40:37). "I didn't know anything", how Suzy figured it out as she went along with Poopourri, (41:33). The first sales of Poopourri and realizing what they might have, (43:17). The problems are only going to get bigger in business, (48:00). "That's what I want to teach people:  you have it within you," (49:10). Why it's so important that an idea is alive inside of you, (50:18). "We gotta go" - realizing the company needed to step it up to keep up with the demand for product, (52:17). Suzy's philosophy on instinct - feeling it in your body, gut feelings, (53:15). Why it's better to follow your gut, even if it goes against popular opinion, in the long run, (55:08).  The minute you say "no" that felt wrong, you feel the freedom of energy and that's how you know you were right, (57:55). "I commit to easy world where everything is easy" - looking for flow, (58:51). The word "no" means "not yet", (1:01:36). "Pay attention to your body and all the things that don't feel right," (52:55). 



Website - https://suzybatiz.com/ 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/suzybatiz/?hl=en 

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/suzy-batiz-0a35218 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SuzyABatiz/ 

Appearance on Marie Forleo Show, Marie TV -  


"Alive as Sh*t" Spoken word performance at HustleCon -  


Poopourri "Girls Don't Poop" commercial that went viral -  


Book:  Man's Search for Meaning - https://g.co/kgs/MHTw8Y 

Book:  Loving What Is by Byron Katie - https://g.co/kgs/5ndTTw 



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