Ep 83: Real Life Shawshank Redemption, How to Rebuild & Thrive After 7 Years in Prison, Twice-Bitten Crossfit CEO Rob Grupe 

Rob Grupe is now the owner of one of the largest Crossfit Facilities in the country, leading men and women to be their best selves, inside and out.  But a 20 year prison sentence for a first-offense, after years of dodging danger while addicted to pain-killers and running drugs from Mexico, could have caused him to rot away in jail.  Instead, he made a decision, saying "This the reality, but I'm not going to let this define me."  Then he took action, going from 300lbs to 250lbs, kicking the Methodone he was taking to beat the pain-killers cold-turkey, reading voraciously once he was eligible for books, taking college courses and exhibiting exemplary behavior to reduce his sentence to 7+ years...  Like Andy Dufresne of Shawshank fame, he was helping the very guards who contained him, writing workout programs for them on request, while plotting the life he'd eventually live once he made it to the outside. 

If you think you've been through trials and worry that you're beyond repair, THIS is the episode for you! 



Describing what he does with CrossFit, (3:00). Rob’s coaching techniques and philosophy, (4:25). Growing up in Oklahoma City, (6:32). Getting beat up by a group of kids at a young age, (7:20). Making bad decisions during his childhood, (9:30). Getting a back injury from deadlifting (10:42). Selling weed as a teenager, (11:52). Taking painkillers prior to his back injury, (12:48). “Even through the painkillers, it was done. I didn’t know what to do. It really took my identity from me because everything connected to myself, my image was now gone.”, (13:38). Building an unintended business structure with selling steroids, Xanax and other drugs, (14:35). Not having interest in attending college, (16:51). Being caught by the police for having cocaine, (17:15). Attending court for his offense, (21:40). “This is the reality of the situation. I’m going to make every day count. There’s not going to be one day I can look back on and think, “Why didn’t I use this time more effectively?” and I’m going to change my life and help other people change their lives.”, (22:48). Taking full responsibility immediately after being placed in a medium to high level prison, (24:30). Going to a methadone clinic during his time in prison, (25:45). Challenges with getting through this part of his life, (28:30). “There’s no distractions. Just your thoughts. So, you’re forced to confront all of your demons.”, (29:00). Engaging in practices that helped free his mind, (29:30). Training other prison mates in groups as he moved through different facilities. (30:30). Receiving a letter from the mother of his daughter in prison, (32:15). Thinking about his daughter and using it as his driving force, (33:05). The current state of the relationship with his daughter, (34:00). Finding a sense of gratitude in prison, (36:20). “Any problems that come into your life, I look at them as gifts.”, (37:35). Reducing his original sentence to 7 years, (41:18). The day he was discharged, (42:15). Working as a personal trainer and later opening his own facility post incarceration, (46:30). “The only time you fail is if you give up.”, (52:55). 



Website - https://twicebittencrossfit.com/rob-grupe/ 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/robgrupe/ 

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-grupe-882b484b 

Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/robdogg32 

Appearance on Craig Ballantyne’s Podcast, “Early to Rise” -https://www.earlytorise.com/090-from-prison-to-promise-a-transformation-redemption/ 



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