Ep: 81 Superbowl Champion Heath Evans, How to Grind, Prove the Naysayers Wrong, & Atone for Our Sins After We Fall 

Heath Evans played fullback in the NFL for 10 seasons and has a Superbowl Ring to show for it, from his time with the New Orleans Saints.  Four of those seasons were with the New England Patriots and football royalty Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, for whom he has tremendous amounts of respect and many lessons on leadership.  So it's no wonder that he can talk about grit.  But what may not be expected is that this tough guy would be so vulnerable, honest and forthright about his personal flaws or that facing down his own demons and surrendering to God would be more difficult than facing bone-crushing linebackers week after week for a decade. 

We riff on leadership, proving naysayers wrong, following a dream even when every external force seems to be trying to thwart it, owning up to mistakes and getting back on the trail to recovery and much, much more. 



Starting to be aware of his own body at age 4, (4:20). “The leaders are the ones that need to lead by serving others.”, (4:52). Growing up in a non-labeled religious home, (8:57). Living a life all for ourselves, (13:11). “When you live for self-satisfaction, no amount of money makes you put your head in a pillow at night.”, (14:47). Tom Brady’s character, (18:38). The lack of character with the NFL on Deflate Gate, (20:23). “Loving, accepting and forgiving.”, (26:44). Starting to see many communities drop the victim mentality, (29:02). “The biggest lie of anything is to divide and conquer.”, (32:38). Wanting to always protect and honor his ex-wife and her experience with sexual assault, (34:05). Starting their non-profit together for children who have been sexually assaulted, (34:44). “The hardest thing about sexual abuse is that it wounds the soul.”, (35:23). Blowing his knee out from balancing his home lifestyle and football career, (36:09). 5-month spiral of self-pity and bitterness, (37:34). “Anger and forgiveness leads to bitterness and it doesn’t just corrupt us, but it corrupts everyone we love.”, (39:45). Discussing his journey to Auburn University football, (44:36). Experiencing constant rejection, (48:08). The challenges with being a leader, (50:09). “I believe we suffer these things, so we can comfort others.”, (53:46). Encouraging others with his new life motivation, (58:24). “It’s the failures that make the successes so sweet.”, (1:04:06). “It all starts with humility. Everything I learned about leadership whether if it is fatherhood, being a husband, being a fullback.”, (1:10:36). 



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