EP 8: Linden Ashby, Melrose Place to Teen Wolf

I had the pleasure of chatting with Teen Wolf and Melrose Place alum, Linden Ashby.  Full of sage wisdom from years of balancing work and family, Linden's perspective is refreshingly honest.  He was once told by the director of A Time To Kill that he was going to be the lead before he found out they were "giving it to a kid named McConaughey".  He met his wife, Susan Walters, and Breaking Bad's Walter White, on the set of a Soap Opera a long time ago.  His ride has been an adventure.  Our conversation includes...

Why Linden said, "That's it. I'm out. I'm moving the family to Atlanta" only to be rediscovered there for the role that would resurrect his career and bring him a whole new legion of young fans. ## How, from the Soaps to Mortal Kombat to Wyatt Earp to Melrose Place and Teen Wolf, Linden Ashby has always kept his head on his shoulders (except when he didn't... and got fired... Or showed up at his loud neighbor's house with a shovel).  ## Why, if you think your work-life is tumultuous, you will realize that you are not alone. ## How to not only survive, but THRIVE (and raise two beautiful, overachieving daughters from ONE marriage) if you've got stamina and grit.

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