Ep: 79 Become Your Highest Self, Top Ranked Spirituality Podcaster & Best-Selling Author, Sahara Rose 

Sahara Rose is still only 28.  Which is why she had to overcome heaps of criticism en route to becoming the #1 Internationally Best-Selling Author of Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda.  But her fresh take on an Ancient philosophy is also why her podcast, Highest Self Podcast, is ranked #1 in Religion/Spirituality on iTunes.  Her story of seeking out Deepak Chopra is worth the listen alone.  In his foreword of her book, he wrote "Sahara Rose has successfully refreshed and revitalized the ancient knowledge without watering down its significance and depth..." 

We talk overcoming overwhelming odds, helping others without thinking of the benefits to yourself, being prepared when opportunity knocks, resisting haters and much, much more.  


Facing rejection during the process of receiving a book deal, (5:55). “None of this would’ve happened had I not had the courage to go up to a stranger.”, (12:14). The process with publishing her own book on Ayurveda, (14:16). Juggling between writing two books at the same time, (19:00) “In the publishing world, it’s up to you to make your own book famous.”, (20:26). Being inspired by her desire to share to others, (22:24). “It’s impossible to live our lives trying to please everyone because we’re going to wind up not pleasing ourselves.”, (24:15). Overcoming your own fear, (31:15). Describing the masculine and feminine, (33:54). “Most of us are afraid of the pause.”, (36:30). 


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