Ep 75: How to Transform Your Body & Persona, Strength Coach, Transformation Specialist & Super-Connector, Jay Ferruggia

Jay Ferruggia is bald, jacked and tattoed. So it's easy to be intimidated by him or judge him from afar, as I once did.  But scratch the surface and under the muscular build is a sensitive, inquisitive soul who has made it his life's work to strengthen others physically, psychologically and spiritually, as he did for me for a recent role.  Our conversation covers topics as specific as the benefits of sea salt and top training techniques, to Jay's systematic strategies to overcome his "introvert" label and become a super-connector.  Jay's transformation from a "skinny-fat" kid from Jersey to influencing tens of thousands of followers through his books, his podcast, his articles and his weekend retreat events is the stuff of movies.  You will come away knowing more about how to transform your body and, more importantly, your mind in order live up to your full potential.


How I judged Jay based on his appearance before ever speaking to him, (3:10). Growing up watching Stallone and Schwarzenegger, (4:54). Contracting tuberculosis during Sophomore year of college, (5:52). Creating one of the original underground gyms, (7:12). Writing for numerous health and fitness magazines, (9:06). The science behind fitness training, (10:57). Considering your stress levels, gut health and sleep before stepping into the gym, (12:25). Mastering technique in the gym, (13:24). Seeking out the information that is right for you, (15:00). Confusion around different types of diets, (16:04). “Science shows you need to train a body part or muscle group at least twice a week.”, (18:42). Training to become better, not sore, (20:27). Misconceptions around salt, (22:46). Moving out to Santa Monica 8 years ago to begin a transformation, (25:03). Urging others to reinvent themselves, (26:20). “You can’t preach and teach people, you just need to lead by example.”, (30:32). Being a Super-Connector, (35:14). Pushing yourself to do uncomfortable things, (37:20). Taking the reins with meeting new people, (40:45). Limiting the number of tasks in a day, (44:46). “Sometimes asking ‘Why?’ five, six, seven times is important.” , (47:44). Intertwining of masculinity and sensitivity, (53:00). “Now, I tell people when I have weakness and need help.” , (55:09). The Ben Franklin Effect, (55:29). Rewriting the narrative of needing alone time, (57:18).LINKS:

Website: http://jasonferruggia.com/

Website Blog: http://jasonferruggia.com/blog/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jayferruggia/?hl=en

Renegade Radio Podcast: http://jasonferruggia.com/podcasts/

Renegade Diet Book: http://www.renegadedietbook.com/


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