Ep 73: Best-selling Author/Speaker/ Pro/College Sport & Fortune 500 Leadership Consultant,  Jon Gordon, on Grit, Attitude  & Faith

Sitting down with Jon Gordon,  it became immediately apparent why he is  trusted by Major League managers and players, asked to speak to NFL teams and sit down one  on one with entire rosters of Pros to ensure that  their minds are focused on the daunting tasks their jobs  require. He is a force of positivity who doesn't just motivate but encourages  with a warmth that few possess (he literally took his "Positive Warrior" shirt off his own back to give it to me when we  finished our interview). While his faith in God is strong and apparent, there is nothing close to "holier than thou" in his  attitude. Instead, he possesses a humble desire to serve, which is the central theme throughout all of his books on leadership, in and out of the business world, including all 6 of his best-sellers which have been read by millions. When I think of the  man I'd like to be, it's not far off from Jon Gordon, who has somehow managed to maintain a great family, a booming career and the  ability to impact and help both strangers and friends.


I’m a writer, a speaker, and consultant. I speak to companies, sports teams, school districts on concepts that I write about, (6:40). There is no straight line, the key is to show up every day and stay positive through your struggles and adversities, we don’t know what the future holds but you have to show up every day and trust that the best is yet to come, (13:11). “Fear believes in a negative future, faith believes in a positive future, so if neither has happened yet why wouldn’t you choose to believe in the positive future?” (14:06). “Sometimes you have to lose a goal to find your destiny”, (14:35). Grit is the number one predicting factor of success, (14:45). “Keep your vision alive”, (15:20). “We don’t get burned out because of at we do, we get burned out because we forget why we do it”, (16:40). The things that are meant for you will really stick and the things that aren’t fade away, (19:18). If there was no struggle there would be no triumph, if there was no obstacle and no failure along the way, there would be no sense of victory, we have to go through the challenges to ultimately enjoy the outcome of the success, (20:34). “When there’s a NO, you have to believe that a YES is coming”, (29:29). Believe, act, then receive, (30:25). Failure doesn’t define you, it refines you to who you want to be, (49:00). “You’ll never regret going after your dreams”, (53:16). History remembers the one who withstood criticism to accomplish something great, (54:58). Finish your craft first and then you share it with the world, (1:02:10). Great leaders succeed not only because they’re great but because they bring out the greatness in others, (1:07:55). 


About J Gordon: http://www.jongordon.com/








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