Ep 71: How to Reduce Holiday Stress

How to Reduce Holiday Stress 

With guidance from quotes from past guests, Acacia Walker, Bryan Callen and Elissa Goodman, Matt monologues about gratitude for his listeners and guests and discusses the importance of acknowledging our own good fortune, regardless of how it stacks up to our expectations.  He talks about the power of accountability to those we respect (and fear slightly) in the hopes of motivating you to reflect on your contributions to the world in 2018 and embrace the 10,000 “No”s you've endured as we approach a new year. 


Inspiring quotes from past guests, (2:00). “If you listen to enough different stories, sometimes we are thick headed.”, (6:20). Overwhelming emotion during this time of year, (7:27). Turning the “I Have To” to “I Get To”, (9:14). Recognizing the privilege with having a job, (10:07). Holding yourself accountable, (12:18). Taking time out of the New Year to reflect on what you contribute to the world, (18:06). Faith presented with past guests, (24:24). “Allow faith to grow within you with things you control.”, (27:26). Applying lessons from the podcast to your life, (30:37). Reaching out and sharing your thoughts with Matt, (30:58).


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