EP 7: Train Your Brain, Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher Amy Budden

I had the good fortune to sit down with Amy Budden.  Her booming resilience training business, Connect The Mind, came directly from sickness, stress and loss. It was through protecting her daughter from the harsh reactions to heavy doses of meds that Amy discovered the power of Meditation and eventually, with the aid of a decade of study, Hypnotherapy. Having stepped away from her post as one of Adam Sandler's go-to film editors to bear children, Amy "never could have written in a million years" that she would one day serve as a spiritual beacon to so many others, including one of her childhood celebrity idols. Our conversation includes...

How eight miscarriages, a sick child, and a painful divorce brought Amy the grief and strength to be able to guide others. ##  Why everyone from Actors to CEOs to Mothers and others from all walks of life allow Amy to lead them through their own painful experiences. ## Writing your own story.  ## Visualizing your desired outcome clearly and concisely. ## Why sometimes everything needs to shatter in order for us to learn how strong we really are. ## Connect with Amy at ConnectTheMind.com

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