Ep 69: Don't Keep Your Day Job's Purpose-finder, Cathy Heller

Cathy Heller is a fire hose of inspiration. She’s the host of the popular podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which was given the #1 spot on iTunes recommend list of shows for the 2017 New Year. Each week Cathy encourages thousands and thousands of listeners to find more purpose in their life and get paid to do what they love full time. She started out as a singer songwriter and first found success licensing her music to TV, film and ads. Quickly she became a stand out in her field and was featured in magazines like Billboard, Variety and the LA Weekly. After making a multi six figure living with her music, Cathy started a music agency and then she began teaching other artists to grow their own careers. Two weeks after her third daughter was born, she started her top ranked podcast. Cathy’s show has been featured in HuffPost and Inc Magazine’s “top 9 podcasts”. She’s been featured 5 times by Apple themselves and the fans are resonating with how genuine she is. Throughout the show, she has interviewed creative entrepreneurs like The Office actress Jenna Fischer, popular blogger Seth Godin, designer Jonathan Adler, make up artist Bobbi Brown, choreographer Mandy Moore, TEDTalk speaker Angela Duckworth, and Gretchen Rubin to name a few. When she’s not teaching or interviewing amazing guests for her podcast, you can find Cathy playing with her three little girls, writing her book, songwriting for TV shows and commercials, or enjoying a moment with friends. Cathy often says “purpose is the opposite of depression” and she is truly lifting others to be the happiest version of themselves.

An incredible force of nature, Cathy gets very transparent with me about her flaws, doubts and fears and how living a life with purpose, and helping others find theirs, is what enabled her to combat the darkness of a childhood where she was abandoned by her father and forced to care for her mother, who was battling depression.


Inspiring others with her podcast, “Don’t Keep Your Day Job”, (3:44). Giving yourself credit for experiencing pain in life, (7:02). Growing up with divorced parents and her mother’s struggle with suicide, (10:25). Moving out to LA in pursuits of a music career, (13:51). Devastation of being dropped from 2 record labels, (16:40). Licensing her original songs, (18:55). Becoming a grown-up with using your talent to touch others, (20:38). “Pain deepens your capacity for others.”, (23:28). Success from embracing radical empathy, (24:19). “I trust that if I can be present that I’m going to be qualified.”, (28:57). Building your own dark room, (36:01). Fear of inadequacy, (37:53). Having some time to breathe in her life, (40:41). Awareness with being an imperfectionist, (42:39). Coping with early years of anxiety, (43:58). Wanting to feel of service to others, (48:16). Intensity of life with high-achievers, (50:57). Beauty behind small moments in the day-to-day life, (51:12). Martha Beck’s Joy Diet, (52:00). “You can make a huge impact and make plenty of money and no one knows you.”, (55:24) Remembering what is doable, (58:22).

C Heller Links 

Website: http://www.cathyheller.com/

Podcast: https://www.dontkeepyourdayjob.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cathyheller?lang=en

Creative Workroom: https://cathy-heller.teachable.com/p/creative-workroom

Songwriting Course: http://6-figure-songwriting.teachable.com/

Variety Magazine Article:


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