Ep 66:  How to Be Happier Now, Happier Inc. Founder/CEO, Nataly Kogan

Are you guilty of thinking or starting sentences with the phrase, "I'll be happier when..." I get my promotion, the market turns, my kids go to college, I graduate High School?

When Nataly Kogan's family escaped the Soviet Union, they eventually landed in Detroit.  Not speaking the language, Nataly learned English by watching Alyssa Milano on Who's the Boss repeatedly.  A true survivor, she learned how to do more than just hang on, thriving in business as an entrepreneur, successfully leading four companies.  But it wasn't until after she had attained a large measure of success that she began to notice she didn't feel much better.  

Curious for a cure, she began to ask herself how she could replace the phrase, "I'll be happier when..."  with "I'm happier now, because..." Now, she helps others ask that same question, through her company, Happier, her book, Happier Now and the relatively new mobile app, Happier.  

Her vision and philosophy has benefitted from the many views of her popular TEDtalk in which she explains the value of placing Gratitude in the center of our lives.  If you're someone who has ever thought, or uttered the phrase, "I'll be happier when..."  this is the episode for you.


“My story goes back to the Soviet Union”, (02:21). “I learned that our emotional well being, our happiness is not an extra, it’s not a prize we get for working hard enough, it’s actually the foundation which we can build the most fulfilling life”, (09:15). It’s not about trying to feel perfect or positive all the time, it’s about finding joy in everyday moments and also learning how to get through the difficult times of life because we all have them, (10:29). The mentality of making the best of whatever circumstances that you’re given, I learned that from them (parents), (15:07). “Acceptance to me means that we’re able to witness our life as it is without putting a judgment on it. When we’re able to say ‘this is how it is’ we’re in the best position to make the best decision about how to go forward”, (16:46). “All of us struggle in some way, and that is part of life. It’s not about being positive all the time. Research shows that when we acknowledge our difficult emotions we get through them faster and with less intensity”, (22:39). Gratitude is such a perfect antidote, we should always practice active appreciation of tiny moments that are joyful in our days. Savor those little moments of life, (24:30). “We should talk about our struggles, not just those in the past but those in the today”, (41:45). The word “NO” actually means “Not right now” or “Not quite like this”, (50:55). “It is the little things in life that sometimes brings us the greatest joy”, (56:40). Don’t feel so rushed to get to the place that you think you want to in life, you will reach it, (59:29). 


Happier Website- https://www.happier.com/about/

Author- https://www.happier.com/book/

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalykogan/

TED Talk- https://tedxboston.org/speaker/kogan

Personal Narrative- https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/inspired-life/wp/2018/04/22/i-thought-grit-would-bring-me-success-it-almost-killed-me/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d8d93c1b257e

More on Nataly- https://www.verywellmind.com/nataly-kogan-1717524

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