Ep 64: 10x Your Business to the Billions$, Sharran Srivatsaa

How do you take a company from $300 Million in revenue to $3.5 Billion in just 5 years?  Ask Sharran Srivaatsa and he'll say it's simple:  come up with the target number you need to hit and then judge EVERY SINGLE DECISION YOU MAKE by whether or not it will help get you closer to it. Easy for him to say, he has a gift: he can spot anyone else's gift faster than most.  Whether that "anyone" is a person or a company is irrelevant, Sharran's incredible compassion and overwhelming desire to serve is at the center of his immense success.  Not only a whiz with management and numbers, this ex-Goldman Sachs Investment Banker is one of the genuinely kindest and helpful humans I've come across in my life. 



“If you could only do one thing and one thing alone, what would it be? (00:13). “When you spend time working on your weaknesses, you start having a bunch of strong weaknesses”, (02:57). How can I filter and do things that bring me joy? (03:25). My mom and dad sold everything that they owned for me to come to the US, (06:49). Be grateful for the Western World education that you have because the rest of the world is not like that, (14:22). "I have a gift of the 'analytical eye', I may not be as skilled as the other person, but I could find someone’s weakness", (16:50). "The joy of seeing someone else’s super power is so uplifting", (19:46). “Singularity of Focus”, (21:49). “Cadence of Accountability”, (22:40). “Good process drives good results”, (23:44). “If you have some kind of goal, plan, and execution, you’re automatically top 10%”, (29:53). Jason Ferruggia, (31:50). "If you’re stuck in a job where you’re being told how to execute things and you don’t like that, then you should start a blog, a podcast.  There are ways today where you can get your message out without a lot of investment”, (54:48). “Everything that we think is simple can be made extraordinary by cadence”, (58:35). When you pay, you pay attention, (1:09:41). The word “No” means, “Next Opportunity”, (1:12:24). “The artist in us is the artist that is going to create new things, (1:13:23). “The more kind you can be, the better you can be”, (1:15:10). 


1.    Make serving people your number one driver.

2.    Have singularity of focus. What is the one thing that drives you?

3.    Once you identify that one thing, you need to base everything that you do for that one thing. 


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