Ep 62: How to Bet on Yourself, Comedian/Actor/Podcast Host (TFatK), Bryan Callen

Bryan Callen tours the world as a standup comedian. As an actor, one of the original MAD TV cast-members, he will finally have his own show (Schooled, a spinoff from The Goldbergs).  And as co-host of the wildly popular podcast, ‘The Fighter and The Kid’, he is known intimately by millions of listeners. But it wasn’t always this busy. A believer in self-discovery and knowledge-seeking, Callen chose to bet on himself rather than waiting around to be hired. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and speak it he does. Callen riffs on the importance of podcasts because of their ability to expose people to new ideas.  He rails against “cancelled culture” and the dangers of political correctness.  And he gives his definition of humor.  Callen proves that having a point of view and expressing it, while sometimes polarizing, is the only way to figure out who is with you, and who’s against you.


I’m not used to having a steady job or making money, (2:24). I’ve been able to make people laugh, really, for a long time, (05:18). When someone says, ‘how did you get so successful?’, well it took me 23 years first of all, and I failed almost 95% of the time, (08:25). There’s nothing that’s worth it, that doesn’t take forever...you have to put in the work and deep practice, (12:04). You have to have a good ‘why’, (12:56). I believe in action, (14:39). Changing minds is how you’re going to change the world, (25:25). There are winners and losers in life and there is way to behave to become a winner, (27:38). Reality is where you are standing, (29:49). Power at the top is always going to corrupt you, (50:22). The individual is the only category that matters, treat people like individuals, (51:47). My job is to be a silly goose, not a tough guy, not an athlete, not a scholar, I’m a comedian, (57:56). Keep going for the right reasons, (59:58).


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Matthew Del Negro