EP 6: Paranormal Activities of Shooting Film, Cinematographer Doug Emmett

HBO, Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, Oscar Nominated Director Whit Stillman, Cannes Directorial Winner Matt Ross, The Duplass Brothers, Chris Messina... these are just a few of Doug's esteemed collaborators. To most Cinematographers over the age of 40 being honest about their feelings, 33 year old Doug Emmett's prolific career would be the source of much envy and jealousy. But to sit down with Doug to talk shop and hear about his journey to his current place in the world of Film & TV, is to love him.  Our conversation includes...

 Why Doug was uneasy about being interviewed for a podcast called 10,000 "No" s. ## How Doug's path to success has been paved with patience, a willingness to fail, a lot of hard work and the ability to overcome challenges. ## Prickly actors and sunsets that refuse to wait for filmmakers to "get the shot". ## Doug's early journey to photography, starting at the age of 7.  ##  How Doug's mother offered to get him an SLR film camera if he took on extra chores to help out his injured father. ## A mother/son mentorship.  ## Learning about lenses and F-stops.  ## Going out to shoot videos of neighborhood kids with his brother. ## Great teachers who make a difference. ## Why Doug's mantra has been to serve the story, serve the project and serve the director.

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