Ep 58:  Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you afraid of risk?  Have you actually taken steps to break away from the pack and follow your instincts, or are you just waiting, allowing the critic in your head to rob you of your precious days on earth?  

It's never too late to take the leap and start moving toward that old dream that's been locked away, stifled and prevented from seeing the light of day.  Or maybe there's a new mountain you've been itching to climb?  But you're too afraid to risk falling from the height to which you've ascended, so you remain on the safe plateau, knowing that you're not fully living the way you did when you rose to where you are today.

In this episode, I talk about the times I've risked and been rewarded.  And the times I've been too scared to jump, and ended up stagnating, rotting in the pool of my own indecision.  I also discuss my mistakes, where I let my emotions get the best of me, and acted in a way that has threatened my dreams, nearly broken my spirit, and even fractured my bones.


A hidden Instagram DM from a stranger suggests more in-depth solo episodes for 10,000 “No”s  - you never know where good ideas will come from, (8:27).  If you have an idea/dream, or an instinct to try something... JUST DO IT, (9:13). Give it a whirl…what do you have to lose, (10:23)? Suit up and play the game, (10:38). Not enough people step out of their comfort zone and go after something, (13:32). People want to help, (14:34). Consistency is crucial, (14:41). Fear of “wasting time”…. the knockdowns are the stepping stones, (17:54). The failures and experiences make up the person we become, (18:18). The collective stories, (19:32). Excuses stop you from achieving your goals, (21:14).  Regret is good if it’s used as fuel…regret is bad if it beats you up, (21:25). We can all improve, (24:28). The people who are successful have the thirst to be the best version of themselves, (25:02).  Acting coach Kim: “Why did this script hurdle through the universe and land on my lap right now,” (28:37)?  What does it feel like to be famous, (31:43)?  Everybody has problems, it’s all relative, (32:10). Epiphany: limiting beliefs, (32:41). Don’t let fear protect you from a more colorful life, (36:56). Working through your “red tape”, (37:50).

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Matthew Del Negro