Ep 56: Shift Careers & Dominate Gracefully, Isabel White

Isabel White's resume reads like something out of a superhero comic book for professionals:  After losing her mother to breast cancer as an early teen, she went on to play Division I Field Hockey and Softball at Yale, despite having blown out her knee in High School.  She worked for Bill Clinton in the White House, Harvey Weinstein at Miramax, and then spent two years in Costa Rica, where she discovered Yoga... and a husband... temporarily.  Complacent, she is not (the list of her other various careers is extensive, but you'll have to listen to find out).  Luckily for us, the self-deprecating humor she employs throughout our conversation also makes her accessible to the average human.  She doesn't take any of her accomplishments too seriously, which is quite possibly the exact reason she has been able to pivot so gracefully again and again.

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