Ep 52:  One Year Anniversary, Lessons Learned From a Year of Podcasting

In this special episode, Matt riffs raw from his car... 17 minutes, no music, no fanfare... just honest observations about the positive effects of taking a leap and creating something from scratch that hopefully leaves the world a little better than you left it.  Special thanks to EVERY guest, listener, encourager, helper (Sound Editor James Ede and Intern Eleanor Song) who has made this adventure possible.


Gratitude for a year's worth of interviews, (2:50). Create an excuse for yourself to go do the things that you want to do the most, (3:57).  Go into "dream endeavors" knowing that it's still going to be a ton of work and stress and frustration, (5:59).  With great responsibility comes great power, (7:37). The power of telling your story... creating your narrative, forcing yourself to step up in your own life (9:03).  Being humble enough to learn from others and grow while also not abandoning your own voice and vision, (12:52). Consistency - the importance of sticking around and letting people know that you'll be here for a while, (13:43). Stop creating little prisons for yourself, (14:18).  Break the rules - don't let the excuse that you're not "official" enough prevent you from taking a shot at something, (14:43).  Peaks and valleys,  when you're high, don't get too cocky... when you're low, don't get too down on yourself, (15:21).   

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