EP 5: Cancer Schmancer, Rob Whitaker

At the age of 42, Rob Whitaker was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer. Not one to accept this news passively, Rob chose to wage his own war, with biting humor and a unique perspective on how to manage pain and setbacks. Rob's life with his wife and kids is enviable to most because he has chosen to live it to the fullest. Honest, tough and funny, Rob gets down to the brass tacks and talks about his hopes, his strategies and his fears. Our conversation includes...

How Rob's words of wisdom are being used by Nurses from Sloane Kettering and Doctors of Nursing up and down the Eastern seaboard.  ##  My challenge to Rob to put his words somewhere for EVERYONE to see (now available at www.robscnote.com). ## How opening up about your vulnerable situation can change others lives and yours. ##  Why cancer patients and their loved ones need a guide like Rob.  ## What to expect when you're diagnosed with cancer and how to handle the road ahead.## Why I believe that some day what started as emails will become a book to inspire and encourage future cancer patients, their loved ones, and anyone looking to overcome any insurmountable obstacle.

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