Ep 49: How to Talk to Your Kids, “Now Say This” Co-Authors Heather Turgeon & Julie Wright

Authors Heather Turgeon & Julie Wright came onto the Parenting book scene strong with their successful book, The Happy Sleeper. Demand for their parenting tips led to a second book deal with the recently published, Now Say This. Psychotherapists with specialization in babies, families and sleep, their work has been published in the New York Times & The Washington Post among other publications.  And Julie Wright's Mommy & Me classes are all the rage in Los Angeles.  Personal sleep consultants as well,  (check out thehappysleeper.com) Heather & Julie are secret weapons for any parent dealing with a tantrum-throwing child, or any human looking to communicate more effectively with their fellow man.

The Three Step Approach:  Attune, Limit Set & Problem Solve. (7:04)  How these steps can help you, not only with your kids, but in ALL relationships. (9:04)   With sleep, a more gentle approach does not mean you're a pushover. (15:34)  Why Heather & Julie have tried to avoid the word "tantrum" but everyone else, including me, asks them about them. (28:20)  How to deal with your child when they throw a tantrum in a public place. (30:29)   How to deal with sibling rivalry and conflict. (36:56)  How to deal with whining by helping your child focus on the positives of what they want. (41:30)  A general approach to family screen time. (42:25)  The dangers of reacting to incoming texts, calls and emails in front of our kids. (45:22)  The power of videogames and commercials and how to help your kids be less susceptible to that power. (47:22) 

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