Ep 48: Elite Results Coach,Heather Hayward

My guest today, Heather Hayward is a results coach who is responsible for getting some of the brightest minds in business, law, surgery and the arts into their peak states of focus to not only perform at the highest levels, but also find fulfillment while doing so.  There are so many takeaways from our conversation, but my favorite may be her 3-minute reset, using breathing techniques to get our heart-rate to the tempo where we perform our best in pressure situations. Connect with her at heatherhayward.com

3:35 - A hurt thumb leads to a new profession

4:46 - After hurting her thumb, Heather freaks out because she's the breadwinner

7:30 - Heather's mentor encourages her stop "getting more qualified" and just go do it.

8:30 - How to shift and reset within 3 minutes with your eyes wide open (she has taught this to many high-impact performers)

10:00 - First signs of life are from the heartbeat - the heart is the leader

11:46 - practical every day uses for these reset tools and different people that use them

14:16 - How Heather's grandmother introduced her to meditation at age 5 without her realizing it... and equipped her for what she ended up doing later in life.

16:54 - Heather's morning ritual to get her in touch with her intuition

19:48 - How to get in touch with more than your intellect

20:45 - Heather admits it's a lot harder to find time to meditate when you have a kids, or any kind of busy life

23:02 - Why meditation practice is so important to "keep the lights on", even if you have minimal time, and then you can come back to being more intense when your life is less hectic

24:59 - Advice for overdoers and overthinkers

25:52 - The threat of social media - convincing ourselves we are enough

27:19 - Watching sunsets... how to just "be" (and how many of us don't indulge in nature)

28:05 - Focus on what we value to find peace

30:36 - How does Heather coach such a wide range of people from top CEOs to artists

32:12 - How do you coach someone who has already hit the pinnacle?

33:42 - Why sometimes artists SHOULD have a day job

35:25 - The Ghost Train of our life... the life we wish we were living

38:49 - Heather's observations of the people who have absolutely hit the elite, elite status in their field (and checked all the boxes - charity, community, etc.)

41:26 - The difference between surgeons and lawyers versus business people, when it comes to losing fulfillment from their career and purpose.

44:02 - What it is about lawyers' minds that Heather responds to and respects

47:06 - Everyone wants a "drive thru breakthrough" without integrating and WORKING on it

50:19 - How, even though Heather is self-described as "cocky" it took her 6 years before she felt confident and like she was not a fraud

51:19 - "What are you uniquely good at? Better than most anybody else?", getting people to listen to that inner voice rather than listening to the outside world

55:02 - Comfort Humor Inspiration (C.H.I.), or what's your purpose?

58:46 - Why Heather doesn't feel qualified to work with everyone and chooses to refer out

1:01:07 - What's the point?  How Heather has had to pivot when her body has told her it was time to move to the next chapter of her life

1:04:23 - How to be a creature of habit who gets bored

1:08:10 - Heather's definition of success

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