Ep 40: Make Pain Your Guru, Traver Boehm

"I call it... I'm a 'can't-notter', like... 'I can't not do this'."

Traver Boehm has a riveting TED talk entitled "Make Pain Your Guru".  While I highly recommend it, I loved our much lighter conversation just as much, if not more. Maybe "light" isn't the right word, as we delved into the pain he experienced when his wife walked out on him shortly after a miscarriage, followed by his business partner saying they too should break up, a few days later. But we did have some laughs as well. His story takes us from Thailand where he was fighting MMA in cage matches to California, to Honduras, where he sequestered himself to a dark hut for 28 days with no human contact. It is so extreme, and his response to pain so unique, I dare you not to be blown away by his insights.

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