Ep 37: How to Get Anything You Want, BlueFish CEO/Founder Steve Sims

"Cause I'm a firm believer that anyone can get their foot in any door now... the trick is to be so irresistible that that person doesn't want you to leave."

Steve Sims simply doesn't hear the word "No".  His company, Bluefish, gets people like Elan Musk and Richard Branson experiences that mere money can't buy.  Find out why Forbes magazine called him "the guy with the coolest job in the world". But aside from his accomplishments, colorful take on life, and high end friends, he's a guy who gave me not just one shot, but two... as he agreed to sit down with me a second time after a technological breakdown during our initial interview.  Luckily, Steve was just as interesting the second time around.  He is also the author of Bluefishing:  The Art of Making Things Happen.    

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