EP 3: Triathlon World Champion, Siri Lindley

World Champion triathlete and one of the sport's most accomplished coaches, Siri graced 10,000 "No" s with her pearls of wisdom about the mindset and gratitude that propelled her to the top of her sport. Siri was the No. 1 ranked triathlete in the ITU World Cup Series in 2001 & 2002 and won the 2001 World Championship. She has coached her athletes, including Ironman champion Miranda Carfrae, to Olympic medals and World Championships in both long - and short - course racing. Our conversation includes...

How a childhood sadness and isolation can be channeled into greatness. ##  Finding your True Self through a long period of introspection.  ##  The courage to be yourself.  ##  Living with extreme passion.  ##  How each part of the journey to a World Championship includes major setbacks and rough patches.  ##  Changing coaches.  ##  Changing locations to pursue a dream.  ##  What it's like to lead Team Sirius, her elite squad of pro and amateur athletes. ## Siri's passion to save innocent animals with her wife through The Believe Ranch and Rescue.  ##  Having the courage to write her memoir, "Surfacing".

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