EP 29: Dr. Drew, Infertility & the Making of a Social Media Giant, Emily Raiber

"And when I finally got pregnant, it was like... 'Okay, be calm!' 'But really, this is stressful!' 'But, be calm!  Don't be so stressful I have to deal with this!!'"

A lot of us remember where we were on July 16, 1999 when John F. Kennedy Jr. died tragically.  Emily Raiber was a college kid, doing a summer News Internship out of Colgate University when she went in on a Saturday and happened to be "in the right place at the right time".  Her actions that day led to a quick start on the career path, including a great stint with Dr. Drew a few years later, but she was slowed down by a cancelled show, an auto-immune disease  and a delayed attempt at fertility.  While she finally gave birth, motherhood shifted her perspective on how she wanted to spend her time, eventually leading her to the courageous decision to strike out on her own and put her producing skills to use in a more singular way that allowed her to spend time with her baby.  She now manages the social media accounts of people whose followings surpass the amount of viewers of the shows she used to produce. 


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