EP 21: Free Your Mind & Your Swing Will Follow, Golf Pro Ollie Dunn

Despite his self-deprecation about the title, Ollie Dunn was, in fact, the Gatorade Player of the Year in Washington DC as a baseball player in High School.  He followed that with a 4-year career at Northwestern University and then took his athletic prowess to the links.  Scraping by while attempting to join the PGA tour, Ollie made the tour in Canada and had many successes despite missing his ultimate Brass Ring.  Now he brings the lessons he learned from his "9,998 No's" to his kids and his clients, where he is a teaching pro in Los Angeles.  Our conversation includes...

Why golf is the perfect metaphor for life and how it has contributed to Ollie's parenting. ## How the right partner, or caddy, can keep us at peak performance by focusing our energy on the things that help us instead of our fears of incompetence. ## The very real struggle of trying to be a professional golfer. ## Why golf is more about mental strength than athletic ability. ## How Ollie lured me, and several other Dads and their kids, into his "surf club"  with his slogan "It's not about the waves, it's about community." ## The dangers of "coffee club".

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