EP 2: Columbine to Sundance, Kimi Culp

I got to sit down with Kimi, who cut her teeth in journalism working in high level positions for such media giants as Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, and Oprah Winfrey.  She walks me through the ups and downs that eventually led her to the point where she left journalism to produce one of my favorite films of 2016, the critically acclaimed documentary, "Gleason" as a passion project to tell the story of her best friend.  Our conversation includes... 

Getting the bug to be a journalist from a HS project.  ## Being called to report on Columbine just before graduating college.  ##  Working for Tim Russert in DC on 9/11. ## The emotional trauma of sifting through graphic news footage for weeks on end. ##  The competition to "get an exclusive interview".  ##  Working a job that has you on the road constantly.  ##  Making the transition from a high-powered job to a passion project.  ##  Vision Boards.  ## Being involved in a competitive bidding war at the Sundance Film Festival.  ##  Getting shortlisted for the Oscars only to come up without a nomination. ##  How Kimi finds the time to raise kids, do everything she does, and co-author the best-selling book, "A Letter to My Dog", which was sold eighty thousand copies around the world and has been translated into three languages.## Why even those that seem to "have it all" can suffer, sometimes in silence.

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