EP 18: Hanging from Helicopters, Adventure Photographer Roger Fishman

Nowadays, when he's not at home being a doting husband and devoted Dad, Roger Fishman hangs out of helicopters around the world shooting in extreme environments from 2,000 ft. above ground. Unless he's face to face with a pack of grizzlies in a running river or standing in the path of a herd of elephants. But his life wasn't always so enviable. Our conversation includes...

How growing up in a broken home with limited money turned out to be a gift. ## How responsibility at a young age translates to being a "logistics guy". ## Who ever heard of a candy enforcer? ## What to say to the Dean of your University when he refuses to let you graduate. ## How helium balloons can kick-start a high-powered career. ## "Live is like pinball. You just have to keep the ball in play." ## How walking away from a career others would kill for can save you. ## Choosing discomfort over comfort, managing your fears and staring wild animals in the eyes at close range.

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