EP 17: Vulnerability, Delegating & Giving Less F*#!s

After 15 interviews with uber-successful and articulate guests, I riff solo on what I've learned, what listeners are responding to, and where I plan to take 10,000 "No"s in the future. My conversation (with myself) includes...

How my guests' courage to be vulnerable has helped many listeners with their own struggles. ## Learning how to let go of control and delegate more. ## Excerpts from Gay Hendrick's "The Big Leap" ## Why Mark Manson thinks we need to give less f*#!s. ## Why most of us aren't AMAZING out of the gate with any new venture and why we have to leap. ## How to stop letting the critic in our head call our shots. ## Why I want to go read "The Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman. 

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