EP 16: Control Freak to Clutter-Clearing Breather, Lili Pettit

When Lili Pettit left the fashion industry in 2011 to start her own company, @clutterhealing, it wasn't part of some master-plan she'd cooked up as a child. It was the result of a gift she'd begun developing to cope with instability and tension as a young girl being called upon. Once news of her gift was out, her business began booming and her willingness to explore led to a dual career as a Breath Meditation Teacher at Unplugged in Los Angeles. Our conversation includes...

Why de-cluttering a house is way more involved than you realize. ## How a mindful touch puts clients at ease. ## How beauty and calm can come from chaos and tension. ## Why clearing space is essential to inviting new energy into a home and new possibilities into a life. ## Why it doesn't hurt when your first client is a celebrity and they like what you've done for them. ## How Meditation, and simple breath, changed Lili's life and work. ## Why some people don't like strangers looking through their underwear drawer and how Clutter Healing overcomes that. 

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