EP 15: Sexual Abuse to Doctorate Empowerment, Angelica Hernandez, PhD

We've been hearing about sexual abuse in the news a lot these days, but to hear it from a survivor who has turned it into her cause is inspiring and gives us faith in humanity. Having grown up in poverty and suffering sexual abuse at the hands of a family member, Dr. Hernandez is on a mission to stop it from happening to her kids and yours. Our conversation includes...

Empowering your children's independence without coddling them. ## Why parents are misreading the data when they only warn their kids about talking to STRANGERS. ## How an abused child becomes more susceptible to further abuse. ## How The Brady Bunch saved Dr. Hernandez. ## Why parents should know where their kids are and what they're doing. ## Why Angelica thought her Elite School colleagues said she was "East of Money". ## Fighting the good fight and turning your worst nightmare into your life's cause.  

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