EP 14: Wild Adventures of a Venture Capitalist, Brian Garrett

Today, Brian Garrett is revered as the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Los Angeles’ most mature and successful Technology-based Seed-Fund, Crosscut Ventures, which mentors and partners with Entrepreneurs from small businesses and helps them grow to be giants.  But life wasn’t always so easy.  Witnessing his father’s fatal heart attack, at the impressionable age of 13, Brian was faced with a choice:  Be a victim.  Or choose to make the most out of the time he has on this earth.  He chose the latter.  And still, it hasn’t been easy.  Conversation includes…

Why everyone thinks people “in Finance” are jerks. ## How Brian COMPLETELY bombed and miscalculated on one of his first assignments. ## Turning tragedy into an opportunity to make more of your life. ## How tough coaches can teach discipline that carries you to great achievement. ## Why Brian’s wife is the REAL hero of their family’s story. ## How many years of hell it takes before you come out the other side. ## How, even after you’ve “come out the other side”, your body can break down on you if you've pushed too hard. ## Why Brian wrote a 13 page “Book” to his 13 year old son for his Birthday. ## Why Crosscut Ventures is so good at what they do and how they’re more akin to Creative Mentors in the Arts than Gordon Gekko from ‘Wall Street’.  

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