EP 13: Dumpster Diver to “Overnight” Millionaire, Bedros Keuilian

Few stories fit “The American Dream” plot like that of Bedros Keuilian:  After his father snuck his family out of Soviet-occupied Armenia, he and his brother would help their Dad scrounge for food by ‘dumpster diving’ for groceries behind Supermarkets.  A self-proclaimed “HoneyBadger” who is not afraid to out hustle his competition, Bedros’ work ethic is still overshadowed by his warmth and desire to teach and inspire others to find financial freedom and stay fit.  A true Rags to Riches story.  Our conversation includes...

How Bedros’ father, a tailor, outmaneuvered the KGB to sneak out of the Soviet Union. ## It all started with a girl… and a prom... ## Bedros opens up about the near-collapse of his business and why there are websites devoted to calling him a Ripoff. ## Why Bedros’ first client called him an “order taker” before mentoring him in sales and entrepreneurship. ## Learning how to delegate so that your vision can be carried out with the help of others. ## How to hire the right people and build a sales-force of like-minded, inspired individuals. ## Why there is no substitute for being told “No” when it comes to learning. ## Bedros’ theory on going from Crop Duster (dabbling) to a Fighter Jet (being the best of the best), and how he built his multi-million dollar companies.

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