EP 12: “Lucky” Screenwriter Slings Drinks by Night, Drago Sumonja

A quiet soul with a big heart, Drago Sumonja is getting a second round of acknowledgement for his new film starring the late Harry Dean Stanton after toiling a way for a LONG time.  Our conversation includes...

One night your film is the toast of the festival in Locarno, Italy.  The next night you’re standing behind three feet of mahogany, pouring drinks. How do you deal? ## Why Drago’s 2009 documentary, Char-ac-ter, is now required viewing for any actor who will listen to me. ## How many hours of unreleased interviews remain on the shelf and why only two made it into Char-ac-ter. ## Why sometimes going to a famous restaurant in LA can lead to people who open doors to your career (IF you’re not annoying) ## If you find a great co-writer like Logan Sparks, you can COLLABORATE and write a great script if you meet consistently, a few hours a day. ## Writing for an old-school star like Harry Dean Stanton - give him a great character, get out of his way and let him bring his magic.

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