Ep 114:  Setting Yourself Up for Success

Most people want to do big things or start new hobbies.  But when they go to pursue them, they generally underestimate all of the resistance surrounding the pursuit and eventually lose their steam.  In this solo episode, Matt expands on what started as a joking text to his "Sunday Morning Surf Club" crew and does a deep dive on what it takes to take on anything from an acting career or a podcast, to being a better "not very good" surfer... or anything else one may want to tackle.


"A man can't call himself a surfer until he stores his own boards", (4:59). Every decision comes from seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, on some level, but not in the way that sounds, (7:27).  "All of these little things... they're not just frivolous, they actually help the whole cause", (8:49). Resistence, (9:41).   Structure allows for Freedom, (11:03).  Even for people who seem to have it all under control, there may be some area of their life where they can relearn the most basic fundamentals of learning, achieving and being a better version of themselves, (12:53). “One:  Are you even aware of all of the things surrounding the pursuit you’re about to get into?  And, two:  Are you still willing… do you still want to go after that thing knowing all of those other things that you have to do to get it?", (16:23). How you can help support 10,000 "No"s, (19:00). 



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Matthew Del Negro