Ep 111:  Relationships & How They Led to An Epic East Coast Excursion & a Book Deal

In this shorter solo episode, Matt riffs on relationships, which sometimes start as work-related and then become friendships... and other times start as friendships and then become work-related... and how they had a huge impact on his past week's trip to the East Coast.  And, in general, on his life since 10,000 "No"s was launched.  Particularly in the past few months, including a forthcoming book deal with Wiley & Sons publishing, which will be an off-shoot of the podcast examining its principles through the lens of the ups and downs of Matt's journey as an actor.


The power of relationships, (1:54). Matt's hang-ups with filming for the podcast and social media and why he's pushing himself past his comfort zone to do it anyway, (2:26).  "Truth is, I was getting pretty bold with the selfie videos over the winter and a friend of mine from back East kind of made fun of me", (2:55). The hard part of being a person who stands out that no one talks about, (4:58).   10,000 "No"s Store almost here - will be selling trucker hats and t-shirts from 10000nos.com as a way for supporters to support podcast production and build community around our tagline "Failure is Opportunity", (5:03).  No excuses!  You can reach out to experts anywhere, anytime with your phone or computer to turn your ideas into tangible realities, (6:31). Matt's new book deal with Wiley & Sons Publishing, (7:36). The book (10,000 "No"s) in a nutshell, (8:48). How an Epic East Coast trip - and 4 incredible interviews with 4 different dynamic females came simply from saying "yes", (9:26). The takeaway:  Don't compartmentalize work and play so much.  They can help each other more than you realize, (12:32).  Why I am encouraging you to ask yourself if there's something you can create, or a group you can join, or a workshop or retreat you can go do where you meet people that are going after the same things you're interested in pursuing... to "put yourself in the game", (13:32). How you can help support 10,000 "No"s, (14:38). 



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