EP 11: Panic Attacks to Perfect Life, Craig Ballantyne

Despite finding EXTREME success in the Fitness world, Craig Ballantyne found himself paralyzed by massive panic attacks while at the height of his earnings.  After suffering through immense fear and near-collapse, he decided to lean into the fear and came out on the other side with his life’s work dedicated to helping others find the RIGHT path for THEM, so that they wouldn’t suffer the way he did.  Finding fulfillment and purpose, he found, is TRUE success.  Our conversation includes...

How to optimize your workflow and cut out the time-sucks that slow you down. ## Why your snooze button is your enemy (and hear how my college roommate removed mine in 1994) ## Can you wake up earlier and Dominate your Day before you drop the kids at school? ## How attending one of Craig’s Perfect Life Workshops helped me understand MY challenges and focus on what counts most for me rather than try to impose some prefabricated, one-size-fits-all program onto my life.  

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