Ep 109:  Chase that Dream, Scratch that Itch & Be Grateful for All that Comes Your Way

Launching a podcast was unchartered territory.  So was deciding to be an Actor.  But both have led to new, surprising experiences, relationships and opportunities that were nowhere in sight at the start.  In this short, solo episode Matt discusses the benefits of taking a leap and the number one takeaway of the entire show.


"No matter what happens to you... the gig of being a human is you need to choose to not be a victim and to see everything that happens to you as an opportunity to grow, (8:15). It's okay to wallow in it for a little bit, but eventually you have to move away from anger and self-pity, (11:22). “How do I train myself to use everything to help me grow as opposed to shutting me down?”, (11:58).  People are craving leaping off and going to do something, and if you're one of those people, take the leap," (17:10).  "Does it get you more excited to wake up in the morning?  Or does it stress you out?  Let that be your guide", (17:42). 




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Matthew Del Negro