Ep 108:  Former Navy SEAL Jason Redman, How to Overcome Life Ambushes and Find Redemption After Any Fall 

Jason "Jay" Redman is a retired naval officer and US Navy SEAL.  He also wrote the book The Trident:  The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader and his second book, Overcome:  Crush Adversity With the Leadership Techniques of America's Toughest Warriors, available wherever books are sold December 10, 2019.  But his story, while wildly heroic, is not without strife, setbacks and near death on a battlefield in Fallujah, Iraq 12 years ago the day of this release (September 13, 2007).  But before that, he was almost stripped of his coveted and hard-earned SEAL Trident due to behavior and decisions that were controlled by overconfidence. 

In this thoughtful and humble conversation, Jay teaches us all about the power of humility and hard work, the necessity to "Get off the X" when you are amidst a "Life Ambush" (be it by gunfire, divorce, or financial disruption), and the potential for redemption after ANY disaster or misstep.  In the words that he speaks, you will hear why the sign he posted from his hospital room in 2007 caught the attention of then-President George W. Bush, went viral, and inspired millions to this day.  It is the honor of 10,000 "No"s to bring you this American Hero. 


Growing up in a military family, (3:43). Finding out about the SEALs teams from his dad at 14, (5:30). “Something in me, there was just this drive and fire that I always had.”, (7:43). Enlisting at 17 while still in high school, (8:38). Stereotypical idea of Navy SEAL in reality and film, (12:23). “The biggest thing is we are human. We are not superheroes even though sometimes we are painted in that light.”, (12:55). Having more than just physical capabilities to join the SEALs, (15:35). “I am a failure and adversity expert. There are 3 things that enable you to overcome failure, massive adversity or crisis.”, (16:40). Overcoming mindset, preparation and training, and having balance, (16:50). “The bullets were just cracking all around me.”, (21:00). Waiting 35 minutes after being shot at to get medical attention, (25:40). Reconstructing wounds from battlefield, (29:07). “Everyone in life will encounter moments like this and they’re what I call life ambushes.”, (31:03). Overwhelming feeling of pain and grief from life ambushes, (34:35). Mentally preparing for hard situations in life with immediate action drills, (35:17). Evaluating what you have in that moment, (37:18). Assessing what the options and outcomes are, (38:17). “One of the hardest things when you do this is the situation may get worse before it gets better.”, (38:35). Failing as a leader and nearly getting kicked out of the SEALs, (41:56). “They were saying you will be a victim. In that moment, I was like, ‘Hell no.’ I’m not going to be a victim. I’m going to be a victor.”, (44:26). Derailing careers of young individuals with ego and arrogance, (49:38). “Instead of slowing down and saying, ‘I got to fix this,’ I stumbled and eroded my credibility.”, (51:36). Being asked to have his SEAL emblem be taken away from him, (56:15). “I went back to my room, pulled my pistol out and put it in my mouth and was getting ready to blow my head off. Thankfully, I had a picture of my wife and kids on the desk across from me.”, (57:18). Forging the overcoming mindset in these moments, (1:03:55). Supporting combat veterans at Head Strong Projects, (1:11:25). 



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