Ep 105:  How to Reframe ANY “Problem” to Make it Help You Get Stronger

In an effort to keep it real, Matt opens up about a very mundane recent "battle" he dealt with. The key takeaway is that it is not the perceived obstacle in front of you that matters as much as your attitude toward it and reaction to it.  Reframing is not something that just applies to the macro challenges of impressive past guests... it applies to YOU in every second of every day.  What language are you using to talk to yourself about your current situation and how do you relay your situation to the world?  Are you playing the helpless victim?  Or are you taking action to overcome whatever is in your way and seeing that obstacle as a gift that was given to you to make you stronger?    



Technology connects us with anyone but it can make us impatient if we're not careful, (6:57). A story about mice, (8:06). “Why is this happening to me right now when I have so much other crap to get done?”, (10:23).  “And it’s as simple as that. It’s flipping a switch, and all the sudden this became this project that I was excited about. And I had energy toward it and I was fired up. And I was on the balls of my feet instead of on my heels. And feeling bad for myself.”, (13:04). “It sounds like it’s just minutiae and it's just little stuff but as people say, 'how you do one thing is how you do everything'. Well, when you conquer whatever it may be that's having you pull your hair out.... all the sudden you get momentum to go toward the bigger things,” (15:26).  “And the core of it is: don’t look at yourself as a victim...And don’t look the situations that come to you, that you have in your head as "bad", don't look at them as bad, look at them as a gift," (16:00).  “You can hear these amazing conversations, and that's cool, but not if you don't apply it,” (18:59).  “Look at your life like it's the movie that you're the star of, and make it go well.  Don’t be the movie where it’s just about, 'why am I always the victim?'  No one wants to watch that movie,” (19:20).  “Everyone’s in their own boat and everyone's boat has a couple of leaks,” (19:44).  “So stop feeling bad for yourself... ...stop complaining and just do something about it,” (21:19).  “The ball is in your court. My ball is in my court,” (21:49).



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